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Bridging visa

A Bridging Visa A (BVA) is a temporary visa that allows individuals to stay in Australia after the expiration of their current substantive visa while their application for a new substantive visa is being processed. If an application for a substantive visa is lodged while holding a visa in Australia, a BVA may be granted. However, if you depart Australia with a BVA, re-entry is not permitted.

In cases where a visa application is denied by the Department of Home Affairs, it is referred to as a visa refusal. In most instances, visa refusals can be reviewed by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (previously known as AAT).

Depending on the circumstances, a temporary visa known as a Bridging Visa may be issued to individuals. This allows them to remain lawfully in Australia while their immigration status is being determined. The specific type of Bridging Visa issued will depend on the individual’s situation.

While Bridging Visas enable legal entry and exit from Australia while awaiting a decision, only a Bridging Visa B (BVB) allows individuals to travel outside Australia during this period.

Bridging Visa A:
If you hold a substantive Australian visa and apply for another substantive visa, a BVA will be granted to provide you with legal status during the processing of your application.

Travel Rights:
A BVA does not grant travel privileges, meaning that if you depart Australia, you will not be able to return. However, you can apply for a BVB to obtain travel rights (see below).

If you leave Australia while traveling on your current substantive visa after applying for another substantive visa, the BVA will expire. This requires you to apply for reactivation of your BVA upon your return to Australia.

Bridging Visa B:
To avoid the cancellation of your BVA while your substantive visa application is being processed, you must apply for a BVB if you wish to depart Australia.

Important Details about BVB:
Typically, this visa has a validity period of three months, so you must return to Australia within that timeframe.

It is recommended to apply for the BVB two to three weeks before your intended trip to account for the three-month restriction.

The application process involves completing a short form, which the Department will process within a few days and inform you of the visa’s approval.

Both a BVA and a BVB can be held simultaneously.

For further information regarding Bridging Visas, Please reach out to our experts.

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