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Our Jouney

Since our inception in 2014, we have successfully facilitated positive outcomes for 2000+ applications and have rapidly ascended to becoming leaders in the field of Australian Immigration and settlement. We have successfully onboarded multiple sales agents from diverse locations across the globe and have also significantly expanded our global reach by increasing our presence in different locations around the world.

FBP International is Australian-owned and operated with an unparalleled network of local links and connections throughout the country and proud affiliation with the Australian Government authorities.

Dec 2020

Achieved gross revenue of around US$5.6M / US$6M within 6

Feb 2020

Started operation in Malaysia

Jan 2015

Started operation in Dubai, UAE

Mar 2014

Established FBP International on 21st of March 2014

Mar 2021

Launched Sales Agent program

Aug 2020

Continued to operate & generate revenue during the lockdown

Oct 2016

Invitation from Honorable Prime Minster from Bhutan

Nov 2014

Invitation from Honorable Prime Minster of India