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FBP Success

Journey and Achievements of FBP International

Since its inception in 2014, FBP International has successfully facilitated 3000+ positive outcomes and rapidly ascended to Australian migration and settlement leaders. Over a short period, FBP International has become the best Australian migration and settlement experts, providing legal services and advice.

Having traversed a long way since its inception, FBP International celebrates its excellence in Australian Immigration with a few achievements with its esteemed clients.

March 2014 : FBP International Established in 2014
FBP International was established as an Australian migration and settlement firm on 21st March 2014. Being owned and operated by Australians, FBP International has been able to provide expert services and solutions on Australian migration for clients all around the globe.
January 2015 : Started Operation in Dubai, UAE
In January 2015, FBP International expanded its operations to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to meet increasing client demand worldwide. Since then, FBP International has established itself as Australia’s leading migration and settlement consultancy, serving a diverse clientele across India, the GCC, and the MENA region. With steady growth and a reputation for excellence, FBP International has become synonymous with quality service and expert guidance in navigating the complexities of Australian immigration.
October 2016 : Invitation From the Honourable Prime Minister of Bhutan
During their visit to Australia, the esteemed Prime Minister of Bhutan and his delegation extended an invitation to FBP. FBP played a pivotal role in collaborating with the government to formulate a comprehensive strategy aimed at offering training, education, and industrial placements in Australia for citizens of Bhutan.
November 2016 : Letter of Support by Royal Government of Bhutan
FBP received official endorsement from the Department of Employment, the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, and the Royal Government of Bhutan. This endorsement empowered FBP to facilitate the government’s initiative, enabling Bhutanese citizens to access high-quality training and education opportunities in Australia.
August 2020 : Continued to Operate and Generate Revenue During Lock Down
Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, while much of the world came to a standstill, FBP International persevered, sustaining operations and generating revenue even during lockdown periods. They maintained efficiency and success thanks to their dedicated team, streamlined processes, and robust ICT infrastructure. FBP International stands out as one of the few firms that navigated the challenges of the pandemic without disruption, operating seamlessly despite the restrictions imposed.
December 2020 : Achieved Gross Revenue of Around $6M within 6 Years
In just six years, FBP International achieved impressive gross revenue of approximately $5.6M to $6M, a remarkable feat worth celebrating. This success is attributed to our effective business model, deep expertise in migration services, and professional approach, which have collectively propelled us to this achievement.
January 2021 : Rebranding of FBP Logo
In January 2021, FBP strategically decided to elevate their brand image by unveiling a refreshed logo. One notable change was the transformation of the arrow’s colour from blue to gold, symbolising a bold step forward into the future.
March 2022 : Journey of FBP International Published in ‘Khaleej Times’
On March 24th, 2022, FBP International was prominently featured in a leading GCC news outlet, Khaleej Times. The extensive article delved into FBP International’s remarkable journey, tracing its evolution from inception to its prominent position in today’s industry.
May 2022 : ‘Gulf Today’ Published article on FBP International
On May 18th, 2022, Gulf Today, a prominent news outlet in the Middle East, featured an article spotlighting FBP International. The piece emphasised FBP’s significant contribution to Australian immigration over the last eight years, highlighting its role in fostering a robust relationship between Australia and the UAE.
September 2022 : Abu Dhabi Office Started Operations
As part of its UAE operations, FBP International established a branch in Abu Dhabi to enhance its services for regional clients. Responding to a significant influx of inquiries from Abu Dhabi, FBP aimed to streamline the Australian migration process for residents in the area. With a strong commitment to prioritising client needs, FBP remains dedicated to offering tailored solutions and seamless assistance for Australian-related inquiries.
February 2023 : Registered at the High Court of Australia
In February 2023, Mrs. Janine Elizabeth, FBP Australian Legal Practitioner, became a member of the Law Society of Western Australia and a registered practitioner of the High Court of Australia.
March 2024 : FBP International was awarded ‘The Best Australian Immigration Firm’ by the Global Saga Awards, Dubai

FBP International won the prestigious award as ‘The Best Australian Immigration Firm’ at the Global Saga Awards 2023-24. The event was held on March 3rd 2024, at the Dusit Thani, Dubai.

March 2024 : Awarded ‘The Best Australian Immigration & Settlement Services’
March 2024: FBP International was awarded ‘The Best Australian Immigration and Settlement Services’ FBP International won the prestigious award as ‘The Best Australian Immigration and Settlement Services’ at the 22nd Asian Business & Social Forum 2023-24. The event was held on March 27th 2024, at Taj Lands End, Mumbai.

Our Success Stories

Throughout its years of assisting thousands of clients with permanent residency and settlements in Australia, FBP International has achieved numerous remarkable outcomes and success stories.

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FBP International is a proudly Australian-owned and operated business boasting over 50 years of Australian migration and settlement expertise. Recognised as the “Best Australian Immigration and Settlement Legal Experts,” the team comprises seasoned in-house Australian Immigration Legal Practitioners who offer expert advice and comprehensive consultations for a seamless migration experience. FBP International is the sole Australian Migration Legal Expert in GCC/MENA and India.

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