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Our Master Franchise partnership model is applicable for an entire region – dependent on the size and population of the area and is offered only to individuals and organizations with significant business experience and working capital who are able to meet and follow various stringent compliances and requirements.

This model also involves a franchise fee as well as an annual subscription cost that goes towards developing and maintaining all the support infrastructure provided by FBP International to franchises. 

Flexibility to create your own hours and being your own boss.

Australian Migration Business

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Why Partner with Us?

Operated and managed by a team of in-house Australian immigration lawyers, professional consultants, and government-affiliated settlement experts with 50+ years of cumulative experience in the field of Australian Immigration.
The unique selling point of being the only firm in the GCC region is to have in-house Australian immigration lawyers, who offer end-to-end Australian immigration services, including a wide range of comprehensive settlement services for clients for up to two years after arrival in Australia to ensure a seamless transition for them.
FBP International will allocate the clients you bring into one of its two Master Franchises to provide them service every step of the way.
We offer an integrated marketing strategy – including but not limited to social media, digital marketing, advertisements, referral programs, etc. – when generating on-going leads and sales.
We have been recognized globally for our professionalism, high success rates, and credibility, distinguishing us from other service providers for Australian Immigration and settlement.
Legal rights to provide immigration assistance as we are registered with (MARA)

Our Master Franchise

Admin & Setup Benefits Our Support Criteria
  • Migration technical strategies and visa pathways orientation presentation 
  • Sales and administration process orientation that covers: 
    • Advertising / Marketing Plan Strategy and Templates
    • Target Audience
    • Border Immigration Government Requirements
    • Residency by Investment 
    • Business and investment advice / Setup
    • Qualifications Australia
    • Settlement Services
    • Client Contract Templates 
  • Corporate stationery designs and access to the promotional and client testimonial videos 
  • An established and profitable business model with immediate cash flow and an exclusive opportunity to work with a powerful brand identity
  • Master Franchises receive revenue from direct and indirect clients (brought in by sales agents) and will be paid a commission on the net revenue
  • Master Franchises will receive benefits from selling directly to sales agents and from upselling 
  • Built base to work on with a global happy customer record as well as a team of the best migration settlement experts and In-house Australian immigration lawyers
  • Professional on-going training provided by FBP International for agents to have a successful sales rate

Meeting the financial requirements and obligations does not necessarily guarantee the establishment of a new master franchise; you will have to be accepted by FBP International based on our selection criteria according to our strict compliances and requirements. In the past, many applicants have been unsuccessful in opening a master franchise due to a failure to meet the requirements

  • Website Microsite
  • Website Hosting cPanel
  • Website Form integrated with CRM
  • Website Payment Gateway Facility
  • Sales CRM
  • Support for software relevant to the collection of data
  • Migration Support
  • Business Email
  • Facebook and Instagram Page Setup
  • Bulk Email sending per month
  • Shutter Stock Images for Marketing Activities
  • The Master Franchise Partnership model is only offered to those with significant business experience and working capital as per FBP International’s strict compliances and requirements
  • Office premises must be in a prime and safe location with good accessibility, and complete contact details must be available
  • There must be a comprehensive business and marketing plan and an assessment of the feasibility of the business
  • The role of the master franchise is marketing, sales, collecting of documentation, and working with sales agents
  • The staff must be well-trained
  • Dress codes have to be maintained
  • Trade License required from the relevant authority
  • Photographs of the partner, profile summary, brief resumes, passport copies, and color photographs of all persons involved in the Partnership Agreement is required

We do not accept any applications that fail to meet the criteria mentioned above. In this case, please refrain from applying for the master franchise. 

FBP International has only two master franchises – in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Malaysia – and is currently not looking to offer the Master Franchise Partnership Model to potential applicants. However, if you feel that you can comply with FBP International’s requirements for the Master Franchise Partnership model

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