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    Western Australia
    Western Australia

    Resources & Infrastructure

    Extensive natural gas reserves ensure Western Australia will be an essential energy source well into the next century. The State supplies liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Japan and develops markets in Taiwan and Korea.
    With more than 270 operating mines, Western Australia is a leading supplier of many commodities, including alumina, diamonds, iron ore, and mineral sands – monazite; ilmenite; rutile/synruite, and zircon.
    The State also produces 70 percent of Australia’s gold and significant exports of salt, nickel, tantalum, and numerous other metals.
    New projects established in recent years include a silicon smelter, titanium dioxide plants, and a fused alumina plant. The State is poised to supply an essential share of the world market for new materials such as rare earth chemicals, fused alumina, zirconium compounds, and specialty alloys.

    Sealed highways link regional centers to Perth, and two national routes, one in the north and one in the south, provide for interstate traffic.
    A central east-west rail line carries freight and passengers between Western Australia and the other Australian States. An extensive public rail network services agriculture and industry in the State’s south-west. In the north-west, private rail lines carry ore from inland mines to coastal ports.
    Perth’s international airport handles flights servicing Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Numerous daily air services carry passengers and freight between Perth, the State’s regional centers, and other state capitals, especially Sydney and Melbourne.
    International shipping can be accessed at Fremantle, the State’s principal port and eight regional ports linked to major agricultural and mineral-producing areas.