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    It’s not just Tasmania’s natural environment that’s attractive; Tasmania has an enviable business environment as well. The Tasmanian government works hard to support new investments and enterprises in the State. The Department of State Growth lists numerous grants and funding opportunities to help those wishing to invest in Tasmania. The government also offers free mentoring and business advice through the Enterprise Centres Tasmania network and a Red Tape Reduction Coordinator to help reduce trade impediments.
    Tasmanian businesses also benefit from low labor costs and a stable workforce. Affordable housing carries over into other property, and investors will find that business premises also cost less than on the mainland. Tasmania produces 90 percent of its energy from clean, renewable resources, lowering energy costs and allowing businesses to market their green credentials to customers.
    The small distances involved in Tasmanian transport mean that no matter what area of the State your business is in, your product can reach export centers quickly. Hobart is home to the Derwent Harbour, the second deepest natural harbor in the world, and an airport with access to international markets. Hobart is also one of five global gateways to Antarctica, providing a home base for several Antarctic expeditions and research programs.