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    Job Opportunities

    With such a large state and diverse range of employment sectors, Queensland has something for all skills & specialties.
    From the mining sector in regional areas to agriculture, tourism & hospitality in our tourist hot spots, and big business & research in the major cities, you could potentially target the places where you will be a valuable commodity for the local employment markets.

    There are plenty of job search sites online that can help you find work by town, region, price range, or industry. Check out the major job search sites for some idea as to what’s available where you live or where you’re planning a move to.

    If you’re looking for government work, Smart Jobs is the Queensland Government careers & job postings where you’ll find everything from positions on the Police Force, local government positions, teaching, and contract positions.

    SEEK is one of Australia’s leading job search sites, where you can search for positions all over the country by regional centers or major cities.

    Australian-based Jobseeker.com.au allows you to search for thousands of career opportunities throughout the country.

    There are thousands of jobs in Queensland posted on My Career, as well as Jobs.com.au and CareerOne.