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    Queensland boasts high-quality education and childcare, with detailed information available for you to make an informed choice for your children or your own education needs.
    In Queensland, early childhood education and care services deliver educational programs and childcare for children from birth to 12 years old.
    If you have school-age children and need to enroll them in Queensland school, you can find a school that suits you and your child by searching the school’s directory. In Queensland, schooling from year 1 is compulsory. The Prep Year program is available to children in the year before they start primary school and is not mandatory.

    If you have older children or family members interested in doing an additional study or learning English, you can find out more about the universities, TAFE, vocational education and training, and other educational facilities in Queensland.

    Further information regarding having your overseas qualifications recognized for migration and work purposes we can guide you accordingly.

    Reach out to our expert today for Student Migration Options.