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Settle in Australia

Unveiling the Wonders: Australia’s Vast Landscapes
Australia is a vast country, spanning over 7.5 million square kilometres, which is comparable in size to Europe. Exploring Australia is always an exciting adventure, and the most convenient ways to travel across the country are by plane, train, or car.

Australia’s First Nations Heritage
Australia has a rich history dating back 60,000 years to its First Nations people, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. They have a diverse culture based on sustainable spiritual connection, land stewardship, and community care. With over 250 language groups, each tied to a specific place and people, Australia’s First Nations heritage is incredibly diverse.

A Tapestry of Climates: Australia’s Diverse Weather Wonders
Australia’s climate varies greatly across its states and territories. From tropical weather in North Queensland to cooler climates in Tasmania and Victoria, and the dry Outback in South Australia, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory, each region offers a distinct climate. Additionally, you can enjoy skiing in the beautiful alpine areas of New South Wales and Victoria during winter.

Embracing the Sporting Spirit: Australia’s Thriving Sports Culture
Sport is a unifying passion for Australians, regardless of our modest population of approximately 26 million. Our teams and players consistently excel on the global sporting stage. If you’re a sports enthusiast, Australia is the perfect destination for you.

Embracing Unity and Celebration: Australia’s Vibrant Social Culture
Australians are known for their friendly and optimistic nature, as well as their outgoing and confident demeanor. People from all cultures enjoy coming together to commemorate milestones, celebrate achievements, and mark special occasions. With a calendar brimming with events, there are ample opportunities to socialize and forge new friendships.

Why use Settlement services

Settlement Services: FBP International Assists You Beyond Visa Issuance!

Relocating to a new country involves a lot of planning and preparation, and the migration process is just one part of it. Even after the migration process is completed, settling into a new country can be overwhelming. At FBP International, we offer comprehensive settlement and post-arrival services in Australia to help make the transition as smooth as possible. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are highly regarded as the top Australian immigration lawyers and settlement experts.

Settlement services after migration are often overlooked but crucial for a successful transition. Many individuals fail to recognize the significance of having comprehensive support until they arrive in their new home country and face unexpected challenges. With our immense experience in Immigration and local network in Australia, FBP International can provide clients with a hassle-free settlement. Knowing the right point of contact in a new country is challenging. Yet, we facilitate the fulfilment of your needs swiftly and easily.

Our team at FBP International consists of Australians who are either native-born or have spent a significant portion of their lives in Australia, who effectively guides and supports our clients through the settlement process. We have worked with hundreds of migrants and understand what their needs are. With over 3000 success stories and happy families, FBP International remains committed to extending a helping hand to our clients, not just with migration but also with their settlement in Australia.

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How FBP can help

Migrating and settling into a new country such as Australia could be a complex task. With strong tie-ups with various Australian government and private entities in Australia, FBP International can facilitate your migration and settlement in Australia without any hassle.

We are privileged to be the only ones with in-house Australian Immigration Legal Practitioners (Lawyers) from Africa, the Middle East to India Region.

Since FBP International is owned and operated by Australians, we completely understand the needs and requirements of clients in Australia. Having affiliates, partners, and resources in Australia, FBP International can provide solutions for any queries or needs.

FBP International has strong ties to Commonwealth Bank Australia and can help clients open a bank account before arriving in Australia.

Services offered by FBP International include:

  • Information on anything and everything related to living in Australia.
  • Help in finding the right place to stay.
  • Guidance for finding and securing a job.
  • Assistance with enrolling school-going children in school
  • Counseling on settling into life in Australia.
  • Help with finding and acquiring property.
  • Assistance with fulfilling immediate social needs such as obtaining a Tax File Number, registering with Centrelink, and applying for Medicare.

Orientation Services

It’s our responsibility to make you familiar with your new home – Australia

Our team of migration and settlement experts helps our client to navigate through the country.  We give you a detailed orientation about what to expect and how to navigate around situations in Australia.

Our team having immense knowledge and know-how about Australia, can direct and advise you to do things in a certain way, which would save you time, money and effort. Moreover, with accurate directives and advises, your life would be much easier in Australia.

These are some of the topics in which we share our knowledge and expertise with you, as a part of orientation services:

  • First Entry Immigration Declaration Procedure
  • Quarantine Guideline Before Arrival in Australia
  • Basic Information Pack
  • Australian Mobile Number Registration
  • Public Transport Guideline
  • Supermarket and Local Grocery Information
  • Post Address Proxy Service – Use of Our registered Public P.O. Box address to receive post mails until the client has a permanent address
  • Introduction to Australian Driver`s License Registration
  • Introduction to Australian Taxation, Setting Up Tax File Number (TFN) and Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Australian Health Insurance Registration (if Temporary Visa Holder) or Australian Medicare (if Non Temporary Visa Holder)
  • Registration Australian ID Card Registration
  • 1-Hour Basic Tour Orientation and Q&A Session

We believe, our responsibility is not just to help you migrate to Australia, but to provide a pathway in which you can live smoothly in our beautiful country for the rest of your life.

Get in touch with our experts to let us help you migrate and settle in Australia hassle-free!

Opening of Bank Account

Opening a Bank Account – let us make it easy for you!

Opening a bank account initially in Australia can be challenging. You will be requested for more documents and paperwork for verification. To create an account in Australia, you need 100 points. With FBP International, this task can be made easy.

FBP International has tied up with Australia’s national bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia enabling clients to open an Australian bank account from their home country before their departure. This exclusive offering sets FBP International apart as the only firm in the region providing this convenience.

Having an Australian bank account is a boon so you can have the advantages such as:

  • Avoid using your credit card in your home country, at high rates.
  • Being able to receive payment from an Australian business.
  • The availability of inexpensive international money transfers to Australia
  • Taking out money at a low-interest rate
  • Online shopping

FBP International is one of the few entities which can use the logo of Commonwealth Bank logo on their website as a partner. Our affiliation with Australia’s national bank emphasises our strong network in Australia. We help you move to Australia with confidence.

In addition to facilitating the opening of Australian bank accounts, FBP International also offers assistance with car loans, personal loans, home loans, low doc loans, medical insurance, car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and employment cover.

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Job Opportunities

Expansive Job Opportunities Await in Australia’s Flourishing Job Market!

Good news for those who want to work in Australia: The Australian government recently announced that it will increase the annual number of permanent migrants.

Working in Australia will be advantageous to you on both a personal and professional level for a variety of reasons.

Here are some compelling arguments for why working in Australia can secure your future:

  • Great economy:

According to the IMF, Australia will have the 12th largest economy by 2023. Nominal GDP will be around A$2.5 trillion (US$1.8 trillion). Although Australia has only 0.3% of the world’s population, the country is responsible for 1.7% of global economic output. A great economy means a lot of jobs are available a well!

Australia has A LOT of vacancies, which it is scrambling to fill.
Did you know that there are more vacancies in Australia currently than unemployed people? This means that Australia can only get these positions filled by getting more migrants to settle in the country.

  • Numerous career opportunities:

Australia’s economy is growing rapidly, which has led to an increase in the number of industries. Because of this, talented migrants with diverse skill sets have access to a wide range of career opportunities.

  • Work-life balance:

Australians value spending their free time with friends and family, relaxing in nature, enjoying a barbecue, eating delicious local food and fresh vegetables, and engaging in hobbies such as fishing, surfing, hiking, camping and so on!

  • Competitive wages:

Among countries with a sizable migrant population, Australia has some of the highest incomes. Over the previous year, it has continued to rise. The average weekly ordinary time earnings are estimated to be $1,770!

In recent years, Australia has experienced tremendous economic growth. Together with low unemployment, low inflation and low interest rates, this has led to massive economic development. Australia has a vibrant private sector with a competent workforce and has an open and competitive economy.

Current opportunities:

Australia is providing Great Job Opportunities throughout the country. But the demand of profession varies from state to state. It’s crucial to select the appropriate state which has concerning career opportunity – during migration application. Click on the state to find the live opportunities:

Get in touch with our experts to know more about Job Opportunities in Australia!

Australian Colloquialism

Colloquialism refers to the usage of informal or everyday language in regular conversations, deviating from formal or literary expressions.

Australians have a distinct communication style, incorporating casual terms like “ta” as a substitute for “thank you” and using “wog” to refer to friends. These linguistic nuances add excitement and uniqueness to conversations, and Australia Day on January 26th is a special occasion to commemorate.

While this guide does not serve as a comprehensive communication manual, it provides an informal and entertaining introduction to some of Australia’s distinctive characteristics. The influence of globalization and urbanization has led Australian English to adopt American terminology while preserving the charm of words associated with the outback. Australians often view their slang as a native language and an integral part of their cultural identity, evident from the continued interest in books dedicated to Australian slang.

Some slang used by Australians:

  • Howdy – Hello, a warm greeting to greet someone
  • Cheers – thank you, a magic word to express gratitude
  • Cuppa – a cup of tea
  • G day – Hello or hello, warm greetings heat
  • Ta – thanks, expression of deep gratitude
  • Pop about – come, call someone around or move to a location
  • See ya in arvo – see you in the afternoon
  • Cheerio, Toodleoo, Hooroo or ooroo – bye, bye when one moves
  • You’re right – need help? Ask for support and help to show those who are in action
  • Tingle – I will call you (make a phone call), giving a ring on the phone is called tingle. Will tingle you this noon.
  • Ow ya goin – how is it going, asking about the status or the development
  • Devo– being upset with something, mmod off when something happens negative or against one wish
  • How`s it hangin – how do you feel? enquring about the well being
  • No wuckers – no problem, not minding something and saying it’s okay
  • Oi! – calling someone in a rude way, expressing anger while calling someone to show your feelings or calling in an authoritative tone
  • Yep – Yes
  • Sweet – Great
  • Not bad mate – Fine, thank you
  • Good on ya – Well done, appreciating for a great job done
  • Have a good one – have a great day, greeting for a warm day
  • No worries – Your welcome, accepting the thanks or sorry from someone and telling you welcome their feeling of gratefulness or apology



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