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FBP International is the only Australian Migration firm with an in-house team of Australian Migration Legal Practitioners and Advisors, this eccentric advantage sets us apart from most migration agencies.Expertise and SpecializationAustralian Immigration law is an intricate and highly specialized domain, often leaving Registered Migration Agents (RMAs) ill-equipped and lacking the required experience to provide guidance. A notable disparity between an RMA and an Immigration Lawyer lies in the level of qualification and study undertaken. Migration lawyers undergo a more rigorous training and education process. Their training encompasses a wide...


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Mar 2014

Established FBP International on 21st of March 2014

Nov 2014

Invitation from Honorable Prime Minister of India

Jan 2015

Started operation in Dubai, UAE

Oct 2016

Invitation from Honorable Prime Minister from Bhutan

Aug 2020

Continued to operate & generate revenue during the lockdown

Dec 2020

Achieved gross revenue of around US$5.6M / US$6M within 6 years

Mar 2021

Launched Sales Agent program

Mar 2022

FBP in Khaleej Times

May 2022

FBP Welcomes New Managing Partner

May 2022

FBP in Gulf Today

June 2022

FBP in Chamber of Commerce News in UAE & the world

Sept 2022

FBP Intl Abu Dhabi Office Opened

April 2023

FBP Intl featured in Khaleej Times

April 2023

FBP Intl featured in Gulf Today

April 2023

FBP Intl featured in Gulf Times

April 2023

FBP Intl featured in Saudi Today

PR Skilled Visa

189 (Skilled Independent) VisaThe Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) visa is a point-based visa program designed to select highly skilled individuals from overseas who are...

Regional Skilled Visa

491 (Skill work provisional) VisaThe Regional Skilled Visa, specifically the 491 (Skilled Work Provisional) Visa, is designed for skilled individuals who have been nominated...

Skilled Visas (Temp)

485 (Graduate Temporary) VisaThe 485 (Graduate Temporary) Visa is designed for international students who have recently completed their studies and possess skills and qualifications...

Partner (Spouse) visa

820 & 801 (Onshore Partner) Visa  The partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen may reside in...

Parent visa

143 (Contributory Parent) Visa The 143 (Contributory Parent) Visa is a permanent visa that allows parents of settled Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, or eligible...

Business in Australia

Business in Australia

Foreign Investment in Australia Foreign investment in Australia is subject to evaluation and scrutiny by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), an advisory body to...

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