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15,000 Business / Investor visas approved in the last 10 months!

Nearly 15,000 visas have been granted to foreign investors in the last ten months, at a very dynamic rate. The business innovation and investment visas have a variety of ways to qualify, making your journey into the country very straightforward and accessible. The Australian government has declared it as an important way to attract investment in Australia. The pace has picked up, figures from March 21, 2020, to June 30, 2021, showing almost 3500 people holding a business innovation and investment visa have entered Australia.

This is the way Australia does it. Bringing innovation and acceleration into their economy whilst giving people a chance at a better life. The program sharpens its focus on higher value investors, business owners and entrepreneurs and improves the quality of investments and applicants.

The investor visa benefits you more than Australia. Applicants get their money back at the end of the investment period along with a permanent residency in Australia, which means they get all the benefits of being able to park their family in Australia while they continue their business in another country. Their families get access to amenities like Medicare and free education while living the best quality of life that Australia has to offer.

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    Please beware of and avoid using companies that are unregistered or even outsourced to registered migration agents (RMA)!

    Before starting your application, please remember to check the appropriate RMA License through the main MARA website and whether the Registered Migration Agent is directly connected with the consultancy company.

    These companies or firms do not have the expertise or knowledge of Australian Immigration as they are not legitimate, knowledgeable and/or act like brokers between the clients and the RMAs. 

    Using an unregistered immigration agent is a serious offence and the advice being provided is considered as an illegal or criminal immigration, visa, customs, and trade activity as per the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.

    FBP International proudly states that it is the only Australian Immigration firm in the whole of GCC and India region who have Australian Legal Practitioners, Australian Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) since its establishment in 2014.

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    FBP International is proud to say that it’s the only firm in the region to have in-house Australian Lawyers and Advisors. 

    Janine Elizabeth - LLB/LP

    Australian Legal Practitioner

    Lukasz Wyszynski - LLB/LP

    Australian Legal Practitioner

    Stephanie Chia - LLB/LP

    Australian Legal Practitioner

    DISCLAIMER: Please note that neither FBP, nor a RMA or an Australian Immigration Lawyer, can claim or guarantee a positive outcome or that they have special relations with the government that will, in any way, influence the outcome of the applications.

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