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    Please beware of and avoid using companies that are unregistered or even outsourced to registered migration agents (RMA)! Before starting your application, please remember to check the appropriate RMA License through the main MARA website and whether the Registered Migration Agent is directly connected with the consultancy company. These companies or firms do not have the expertise or knowledge of Australian Immigration as they are not legitimate, knowledgeable and/or act like brokers between the clients and the RMAs. Using an unregistered immigration agent is a serious offence and the advice being provided is considered as an illegal or criminal immigration, visa, customs, and trade activity as per the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.

    FBP International proudly states that it is the only Australian Immigration firm in the whole of GCC and India region who have Australian Legal Practitioners, Australian Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) since its establishment in 2014. Choose Right, Choose FBP!

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