Why Choose FBP?

Established in 2014, ‘FBP International’ (FBP) is the fastest growing marketing and documentation collection company exclusively for BMS Australia who provides Australian, Vanuatu and European residency and citizenship with a complete settlement solutions provider, in UAE, India and Middle East. BMS has Over 30 years of cumulative migration settlement consultancy experience and is a leading provider of migration and settlement solutions. FBP International exclusively markets BMS Australia who is the best Settlement Consultants for Australia, Vanuatu and Malta across the globe. FBP International provides you the best and cost-efficient and accurate documentation collection process.

BMS Australia has trusted relationships with the government partners, receiving official marketing authorisation from the most sought-after residency and citizenship with complete settlement programs, from Australia, Vanuatu and Malta. FBP’s team, exclusively markets Australian specialists who offer industry-leading insight and expertise to ensure that our clients select the correct residency and citizenship solutions that best suits their requirements, collects the correct documents to give relevant Australian Firms to lodge the necessary visa. FBP International combines innovative marketing solutions with global reach and a transparent approach to provide a truly exceptional documentation service.

FBP has successfully marketed and registered over 1200 clients for BMS and has a huge client base from regions of UAE, India and Middle East.

Why Choose Registered Migration Agent?

FBP International always advises the clients to use the services of a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) or Australian Immigration Lawyer because only the RMA or an Australian Immigration Lawyer is well versed with the migration law and the complexity of the migration procedures.

Every RMA or Australian Immigration Lawyer, have their own experience and expertise to specialise in the particular visas and their subclasses, in lodging applications. This expertise enable them to lodge applications that may be decision ready, and hence, may be dealt with expeditiously, thereby reducing processing time.

FBP International, associated with Best Migration Services Australia, prides as one of the best in the UAE who has highly experienced Australian Immigration Lawyer also registered with the “Office of Migration Authority Registered Agents(OMARA),” authorised to provide Australian immigration assistance in connection with legal practice, and offers a highly competitive pricing methodology to aid clients in achieving their aspiration to migrate and settle in Australia.