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Types of Visas

Australian Citizenship

Citizenship Australian citizenship can be granted to permanent residents of Australia who have met the necessary residency requirements and fulfill all other eligibility criteria. Upon...

Work & Holiday Visa

417 (Working Holiday) Visa The 417 (Working Holiday) visa is designed to provide certain tourists, aged 18 to 30 (inclusive), and citizens of Canada, France,...

Tourist Visa

600 (Visitor) Visa The 600 (Visitor) Visa is a temporary visa that allows individuals to visit Australia as tourists and experience life in the country....

Student Visa

500 (student) Visa The Student visa is designed to facilitate full-time study and training for international students in Australia. This visa allows students to remain...

Bridging visa

A Bridging Visa A (BVA) is a temporary visa that allows individuals to stay in Australia after the expiration of their current substantive visa...

Visa Conditions

8503 (no further stay) Visa condition 8503 (no further stay) or additional ban is a condition that prevents a visa holder from applying for multiple...

Visa Ban

4020 Public Interest Criterion If an applicant submits a fake document or information that is incorrect or deceptive in relation to their application, or if...

Visa Cancellations

Visa Cancellations The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has the authority to revoke any form of visa (temporary or permanent) if you fail...

Appeals / Tribunals

Visa Refusal Appeal In certain cases, there may be instances where your visa application is denied, or your existing visa is revoked. However, you may...

Resident Return Visa

155 (Resident Return) Visa Once you obtain a permanent visa, it remains valid for the initial five-year period. While this duration serves as a travel...
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